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Simple web-server

Simple web-server
Simple web-server

A simple web server. It would be useful if you need to debug or publish a simple HTML site and you don’t want to set up IIS or install Apache. Certainly, a simple site can be debugged with a single browser. But in some cases (for example using links of ‘/subdir/page.html’ kind), it is better to use a web server. The order of operating with a web server is:

A simple web-server. For debugging and publishing HTML sites
  • After having launched the software, you have to indicate a directory name on the local machine that will be the root directory for your site and click the “Start” button.
  • Your site’s capacity can be checked by entering ‘//’ into the address bar of your browser.
  • To launch a site from another directory, click “Stop” button and enter another directory’s name and click “Start” again.
  • To save queries to the server to a ‘webserv.log’ file, tick “Save query history”.
  • The program minimizes to a window unseen in the task bar. It is made for web server work not to disturb you.
  • To stop a minimized web server, launch the program once again. A window of already launched server will appear, where “Stop” or dagger button should be clicked.
  • For the first launch of the program with the parameter -h (for example, from the icon in Autorun menu), the program window is not shown and the web server automatically starts with the last working root directory.
Version 1.22
328 kb (XP-Win10)

It is a very simple web server and when a HTTP query is received it simply gives files from the chosen directory without indicating any MIME-types. Though, during the creation of this site, the program assisted very well.

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