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simple and useful programs
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List of contacts

List of contacts
List of contacts. Electronic notebook

List of contacts. Electronic notebook. Keeps telephones in a computer and birthdays of the entered people. The program has simple management and comfortable system of search, at the start of Windows reminds about approaching of next birthday.

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List of contacts. Electronic notebook

Can execute such actions:

  • Addition of new contact
  • Editing of contact
  • Search and sorting of contacts
  • Printing of list of contacts
  • An export/is an import of contacts
  • Reminder about a birthday

In a main window the programs are shown names, domestic and working telephones, and also dates of birth. Additionally for every contact a mobile telephone and note is saved. Executing actions are described detailed in the program operations manual.

The list of contacts will be useful to any — from a students to the pensioners. Extraordinarily simple in install and use, this program it is a rapid and effective instrument that will economize for you plenty of time, allowing easily to find necessary contacts.

During a month the program can be used for free. For further use it is necessary to purchase a license. License cost for one PC unit is 10$ (USD).

Version 1.2
1.0 Mb (XP-Win10)
Buy 10$ Buy 10$

A licence key is sent to licence purchasers by E-Mail. The key is active for an unlimited amount of time. In event that PC unit is being replaced, the key is sent again. License owners can use updates for free (new program versions with the same primary number).

Purchase a license and use List of contacts with no limits on your computer!

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