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Simple web-server

Simple web-server
Simple web-server

A simple web server. It would be useful if you need to debug or publish a simple HTML site and you don’t want to set up IIS or install Apache. Certainly, a simple site can be debugged with a single browser. But in some cases (for example using links of ‘/subdir/page.html’ kind), it is better to use a web server. The order of operating with a web server is:

A simple web-server. For debugging and publishing HTML sites
  • After having launched the software, you have to indicate a directory name on the local machine that will be the root directory for your site and click the “Start” button.
  • Your site’s capacity can be checked by entering ‘//’ into the address bar of your browser.
  • To launch a site from another directory, click “Stop” button and enter another directory’s name and click “Start” again.
  • To save queries to the server to a ‘webserv.log’ file, tick “Save query history”.
  • The program minimizes to a window unseen in the task bar. It is made for web server work not to disturb you.
  • To stop a minimized web server, launch the program once again. A window of already launched server will appear, where “Stop” or dagger button should be clicked.
  • For the first launch of the program with the parameter -h (for example, from the icon in Autorun menu), the program window is not shown and the web server automatically starts with the last working root directory.
  • If only the path is specified in the request, without specifying a page name, for example ‘//’, the server returns the page index.html along this path.
Version 1.23
330 kb (XP-Win10)

It is a very simple web server and when a HTTP query is received it simply gives files from the chosen local directory without indicating any MIME-types. Though, during the creation of this site, the program assisted very well.

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